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CrossFit Attain

Circa 2012

Caledonia’s first CrossFit box (gym)

We are a strength and conditioning facility which follows and participates in the CrossFit method. Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements.

Our workouts include gymnastics (body weight), plyometrics (jumping/landing) Powerlifting (Deadlift, back squat, bench press), Olympic weightlifting (clean and jerk, snatch), throwing and controlling external objects (medicine ball), Strongman ( farmer’s carry, atlas stones, lifting heavy objects), Kettlebells, running, rowing, and rope climbs.

We program our workouts to stimulate your body’s various energy pathways (phosphagen, anaerobic, and aerobic)

Mixing functional movement together will allow diversity in our training regimen.

CF Attain’s focus is on helping our athletes work towards their GPP (general physical preparedness.) We do so by incorporating various aspects of training methods on a daily basis.

We encourage our athletes to participate a minimum of 3 classes a week. Ideally the preferred prescription for participating is 3 days on followed by 1 day off. Second best is 5 days on 2 days off.

Our athletes vary in age from 6-70+yrs of age. CrossFit will teach an athlete (YOU) how to move properly and safely. Once the basic movements are learned we will be able to start more advanced movements and incorporate the movements in our WODs (workout of the day.)

Check out some of our offerings below.


Regular adult participation in daily WODs. More fun than a barrel of monkeys.

3 – 6 Days per week

$170 / Month

All prices subject to HST.

CrossFit / Nutrition Hybrid

Regular adult participation in daily WODs combined with a customized Nutritional plan to maximize fitness and health.


$239 / Month

All prices subject to HST.


For the active 55+ year olds out there. Still CrossFit but scaled to consider changes with age.



All prices subject to HST.

Attain Athletic Development

For the Young Athlete.  Attain Athletics focuses on developing the  young athlete in ways that will maximize their potential in any sport or physical endeavour.

1x / week  $89

2x / week  $149

3-5x / week  $169

All prices subject to HST.

Sport Specific Team Training

Sport specific training for sports teams. In season or off season programs designed to suit your team’s requirements. Our goal is your success.


Prices vary. Call or email for quote.


Three 1 hour personal training sessions to teach CrossFit’s 9 foundational movements.  Learn how to be coached and we in turn learn how to coach you better.



All prices subject to HST.

FREE! No Sweat Intro

Attain Blog

Girls and muscle

This whole "girls shouldnt have too much muscle" is a real thorn in my side. A friend of a women who is apart of our team told her to slow down, not to get any "bigger", men won't find that attractive. This is a fit woman with a fair amount of lean muscle who is now...

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Attain Coaches

Nic McCollum

Nic McCollum

Owner, Head Coach

CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Kids

Melissa Carson

Melissa Carson

Head Coach

CrossFit Level 2 , Precision Nutrition 1
Jennifer Richards

Jennifer Richards


Brand X

Attainable Nutrition

My interest in nutrition initially started as a means to improve my own performance at the gym but soon turned into more as I began to see and understand the challenges and confusion around it. A seemingly simple thing as “eat healthy” is like asking someone to breakdown   quantum physics📈📏📐🔬. The topic is extremely convoluted and overwhelming to most with a number of different diets and concepts out there.

I can’t count the number of ads i’ve seen prescribing some ridiculous solution…”lose 10 pounds in 10 days taking our secret diet pill made from the tears of fitness models around the world”…

I cannot help but want to help others navigate the tricky waters of mis information and instagram photoshop promising a slim midsection if you use our waist trainer! What?!

***reality check🎬***

We are here to tell you that living a healthy lifestyle isn’t:
*some elusive magical diet pill 💊💉
*2 week butts n` guts workout plan.

Here at Attainable Nutrition we Aren’t about reeling clients in for quick fixes only to leave them being disappointed, lacking understanding and sending them into a downward spiral. Hell no!

We want you to learn and be informed 🎓🎒

Nutrition is a huge part of our health. The best part? Its entirely within our control! No one is force feeding you those big macs 😉.

Knowledge is power.

If you are serious about committing to REAL change and the following applies to you, reach out to us…We are in the business of building healthier people.

-To build healthy long term habits ✔
-Accountability & results✔
-A progressive/flexible plan you help put together based on your goals, feedback and level of commitment✔
-honest and supportive feedback✔
-improved performance/recovery✔
-improved body composition ✔

Let’s abolish your midweek mantra of the “I’ll start Monday” routine and develop good habits that set you up for success!

Attainable Nutrition is here for you, take control of your health [today]

Melissa Carson CFL2, Pn1


I joined Crossfit Attain because I wanted to learn how to do exercises properly . It scared me at first because of my age I didn’t think I could do it . But there is always something they can modify they encourage you in every aspect if you don’t try you won’t succeed. It’s so much better than the gym you have coaches that help you through everything, getting your nutrition on track as that’s a big part of it. Every member encourages you they are like family. So I’d say join Crossfit Attain you won’t regret it😊💪

- Tina Mclean

I joined CrossFit Attain because my body had gotten used to the same tired and repetitive workouts I used to do when left to my own devices. I had tried personal training in the past and honestly couldn’t justify paying for someone to stand beside me and count my reps on a machine. I had my honeymoon coming up (3.5 mos away) and had just gotten back to work after a sedentary maternity leave. I felt weak and tired. I wanted a strong and sexy body back, so I needed something different. It had to be exciting and challenging and… lucky for me; that’s exactly what I got. Aside from the good company, I enjoy the variety of the workouts and the ratio of class size to trainer. As Melissa mentioned, pushing myself physically has also allowed me success in pushing myself mentally. Over the past year I have broken some unhealthy habits such as smoking cigarettes and staying up late. One day I’ll be able to climb that rope! Thanks Coaches!!

- Jess Clarke

I started CrossFit Attain because Nick had a seniors challenge for 3 months. I felt I needed something to kick start my 6 year hiatus from active workouts. It worked. I stayed because of Nick and Jen’s coaching. Their enthusiasm and knowledge. I love the small classes. I am now ready to move forward with a new challenge and that’s where Melissa comes in with nutrition. Looking forward to 2019!

- Lynda Elton

I had lifted weights for decades and was growing bored with it.  I was also becoming rigid and needed to find a more dynamic solution to weight training.  I approached CrossFit skeptically but objectively.  CrossFit Attain was the perfect solution.  I’m physically better balanced and the coaches genuinely care.  I now look forward to every workout because I have fun and the people are awesome.

- Gerald Blanchard

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Phone: 905.912.2926

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Address:  449 Mines Rd, Caledonia

Mailing Address:  357 Haller Place, Caledonia, ON N3W 1E2